Forum 1 Aviation has been founded as a premium air charter company. It is designed to cater to select clients who have safety, efficiency and comfort as key requirements.

To achieve this we have spared no cost and effort. We are among the rare charter operators to have brand new aircrafts. We have the best safety standards. Our aircrafts are fitted with the state of the art avionics and safety equipments like TCASII, EGPWS, Modern Weather Radar etc. to ensure safety.

Our aircrafts are equipped with amenities like satellite phone to keep you connected, air show briefer to let you know your position, high-end entertainment system for your pleasure, modern gallery for meal services etc.

Model Regn. No. HS-125 800XP Jet Aircraft VT-FAF Model Regn. No. HS-125 850XP Jet Aircraft VT-KNB

aircraft Premium mid size business jet
aircraft Board room of the skies
aircraft Fly directly anywhere in India and to
Middle East / Singapore
aircraft Ultimate in luxury and amenities
aircraft Acquired brand new in 2006 and 2007
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